At the University of Oregon, I have taught seven undergraduate courses as an instructor of record--in econometrics, intermediate microeconomic theory, and environmental and natural resource economics. These were large courses that also involved managing teaching assistants. I have also been a teaching assistant for six econometrics courses, including the first-year PhD econometrics course. I received the 2021 Department of Economics Graduate Teaching Award. Below, you can find summaries of the courses I have taught, along with syllabi, other course materials, and examples of student feedback. Note that the University of Oregon transitioned away from quantitative teaching evaluations in Fall 2019, so most of my feedback is qualitative.
For a complete report of all of my course evaluations and student comments, please click here.

As an independent instructor:
As a lab instructor:
Selected Student Feedback:
  • It was an awesome class, I hope Prof. Putz continues to teach economics at the UO, her future students will be very lucky when they have her as an instructor. - EC 333
  • I have absolutely loved this course . The material was interesting and the instructor was knowledgeable about all of it. I was never bored during lectures and they were designed to keep my attention. Thank you for being an awesome instructor and being so accommodating. - EC 333
  • The way that Jenni presents and explains the material works very well for me and my perception is that it works well for the others in the class as well. Honestly, concepts that didn’t quite click in EC201, clicked perfectly when we reviewed them on day one of EC311... She keeps us engaged; encourages participation; is prompt when replying to questions via email; is available and flexible with office hours; pauses during lecture to provide alternate explanations to problems when needed; and, because she is writing things out as she explains them, is ensuring that we are really taking in the material covered. It is clear that she takes the time to prepare for class and knows the material she is presenting backwards and sideways. - EC 311
  • She is extremely knowledgable about what is talking about and makes concepts that are harder to grasp easier to understand. She is extremely patient and able to word explanations in multiple different ways in order for each and every student to understand. Ms. Putz is extremely approachable and creates an awesome learning environment. - EC 421 Lab